2020 Schedule

This year’s DIY Fest is taking place virtually! We are still in the process of nailing down the details for this year’s workshops. This year’s Fest will take place October 10th and October 11th on Zoom, Facebook Live, Instagram Live and on YouTube.

Here are the workshops that are confirmed so far:

Poetry as Activism
12 PM – 2:15 PM on Oct 10th
Jewelry Making Basics
5PM – 6 PM on Oct 10th
Tarantulas 101
2 PM on Oct 10th
Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare During Covid-19
Available as of 11 AM Oct 10th!
Making Your Own Natural Mineral Eye Shadows
2:15 PM – 4:30 PM on Oct 10th
Tabletop Gaming
3:30 – 4:30 PM on Oct 10th
Soil Microbes 101
12 PM – 1 PM on Oct 11th
Vegan Cooking
4 PM on Oct 10th
Reiki 101
1 – 3 PM on Oct 11th
Seed Saving 101
3:30 PM on Oct 11th
Video Production 101
1 – 4 PM on Oct 11th
Tree Planting 101
12 PM on Oct 10th
Making Vegan Butter
4:30 PM on Oct 11th
Sand Art Terrariums
12 PM on Oct 11th

Poetry as Activism

12 PM – 2:15 PM on Oct 10th on Zoom

How can you use your voice and creativity to create change? Join In Full Color founder/director Summer Dawn Reyes and learn five techniques to create activist poetry and hear In Full Color poet-activists at work. Then, you’ll get a chance to write a piece about a cause you care about! 

In Full Color is an award-winning organization that empowers women of color through education and the arts. Through their programming, they empower woman-identified creators while educating audiences about the need for diversity in the media, racial issues and cultural exchange. They create opportunities for women of color in theater, visual art, comedy, music, dance, and other media. For more information, visit https://www.infullcolor.org/

Click here to register for the Poetry as Activism Zoom workshop.

Jewelry Making Basics

5 – 6 PM on Oct 10th on Zoom

Jessica Oby has taught jewelry making at the past 12 DIY Fests that have taken place. Going virtual is not going to stop her! Join her Zoom to find out the info you need if you want to start making jewelry as a hobby. Jessica will discuss supplies, findings, and beads, as well as where to find the items you need to expand your hobby. 

Jess Oby is a self-taught naturalist who loves to hike and explore in Maryland. She has a passion for geology, mycology, herpetology, entomology, art, beads, mental health awareness, and education. Jess has participated in Baltimore’s D.I.Y. Fest for all 12 years. She will also be teaching the jewelry making workshop.

Click here to register for the Jewelry Making Basics Zoom workshop.

Tarantulas 101

2 PM on Oct 10th on Instagram Live

Thinking about making your next pet a tarantula? This workshop is for you! Learn how build low-cost enclosures and the basics of having your own tarantula as a pet. Basic tarantula husbandry will also be discussed. 

Taught by Tarantuland.

This workshop will take place live on Tarantuland’s Instagram page at 2 PM on October 10th.

Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare During Covid-19

11 AM on Oct 10th on our website!

All about sexual and reproductive healthcare as it relates to the Covid-19 pandemic. Questions such as the following and more will be addressed at this workshop:

Have you or someone you know sought abortion care and sexual health services in the midst of a global pandemic?
What effect does covid have on services for pregnant people?
How have services and accessibility decreased?
What impact has this had emotionally and physically for people seeking care?
What communities are affected the most?
What alternative options exist for people seeking contraceptive measures, sexual health screenings, prenatal and termination services, and psychological health access?
What barriers exist even more so now because of covid?
How can people afford the care they need?
What can we do within our communities to provide alternative options for those seeking reproductive and sexual health services?

Join Whole Woman’s Health as they answer these questions and more! Whole Woman’s Health is a patient-centered healthcare practice, where the focus is on the whole woman — her head, her heart, and her body. They believe all healthcare, especially gynecological and abortion services, can better serve our community with a holistic approach, rooted in community values of trust and respect. 

This workshop will go live at 11 AM on October 10th. The video will be available on this page: http://baltimorediyfest.org/whole-womans-health

Want a reminder email to be sent to you when this workshop is live? Email us at diyfest@gmail.com and we’ll set that up for you!

Making Your Own Natural Mineral Eye Shadows

2:15 PM – 4:30 PM on Oct 10th on Zoom

This fun natural makeup crafting class offers an intensive two hour examination and practice of the basic families of mica based mineral pigments, and how to use them to craft natural mineral eyeshadows. Students will make products in the comfort of their home or studio using simple, effective techniques.

The child-labor-free mineral makeup pigments and formulas do not contain carmine, dye, talc, or bismuth oxychloride. This workshop will give you a foundation for your own unique collection of natural mineral makeup shades that can be used on their own, pressed, or mixed into lip bases to form lipsticks and glosses.

The class delves into several areas related to crafting, including blending equipment, choosing natural pigments, the properties of natural pigments, how to create a variety of textures, how to create a palette that includes pastels, earth tones, rich jewel-toned shades, and textures ranging from sparkly to semi-matte.

Students will be able to present questions to the instructor throughout the 2-hour session. Attendees to the workshop will be provided with an outline, formulas, and directions.

For a more interactive experience you can purchase the DIY kit from the Monave website or send an email to information@monave.com subject line: DIY FEST KIT.


Please note that the kit is not required for attendance. We can provide a list of supplies if requested.

Teporah is a wellness author and natural beauty formulator who started her business in a kiosk in Baltimore’s inner harbor in 2000. She wanted to supply natural, healthy products to her customers, but couldn’t find any on the market worth their salt, that weren’t overpriced for Baltimore’s working families, so she began from scratch, learning how to craft her own makeup.

Her journey as an animal-cruelty activist and celiac has formed the Monave product line to be for chemically sensitive women and men, in which no animals are harmed, and no funky animal by-products, gluten, dyes, or other harsh chemicals are used. Her commitment to sustainable manufacturing is evidenced by the commitment to child-labor free micas, and locally sourced, organic botanical ingredients.

Teporah represents the old ways, raised by a traditional Armenian father and a traditional old-style European- American mother, learning how to craft, love the Earth and show compassion to humanity, and animals.

Click here to register for the Making Your Own Natural Mineral Eye Shadows Zoom workshop.

Tabletop Gaming

3:30 – 4:30 PM on Oct 10th on Zoom

Learn how to create your own tabletop games, featuring cards, dice, and other assorted bits. Stephen will show you how you can create your own game in as little as 15 minutes!

The workshop will also cover: 
 –  Play-Testing a Design / Gathering Feedback
 – Reiteration / Improving Your Prototype
 – Other Resources (online tools, affordable components, print-on-demand)
 – Focus on the Fun (when you don’t really intend to submit to publishers)

Stephen Thomas is an aspiring tabletop game designer. He runs the website http://www.let-off.com, is a former 2640 collective member, and has taught tabletop gaming at three previous DIY Fests. We are thrilled to have him back!

Click here to register for the Tabletop Gaming Zoom workshop.

Soil Microbes 101

12 PM on Oct 11th on YouTube Live

How do we define a “microbe” and what are microbes doing in our soil? This workshop provides an introduction to the microscopic organisms below ground that influence our entire ecosystem, and teaches you how to grow your own in a Winogradsky Column! A Winogradsky Column is a microbial mud terrarium made from mud and water from a creek, pond, or river bottom. You’ll set up a growth chamber in a plastic water bottle and see what microbes appear over time. Find out what different nutrient sources are used by different microbial communities, and how these communities can influence environmental health. This workshop will encourage you to go out and play in the mud so you can grow your own colorful microbes!

Ali Moss is a graduate student at the University of Georgia’s Warnell School of Forestry. Her research investigates how prescribed burns used to manage forests impact the way carbon cycles through soil. She believes that the natural world provides essential tools for resilience, healing, and liberation from those systems that do not serve us.

This will go live at 12 PM on Oct 11th on YouTube and Ali will be available for questions. You can view the video here.

Vegan Cooking

4 PM on Oct 10th on Facebook Live

Looking to try out vegan cooking? Follow along with Dovetta Taylor to make your own Veg-A-Roni and Vegan Soup! We’ve provided a shopping list for you to purchase the items ahead of time. Or feel free to join the workshop to just watch some vegan cooking magic! 

Dovetta Taylor is a Baltimore transplant, originally from Delaware. Although currently working as a school bus attendant, she has 23 years of food service experience. By looking at her library, you can tell that cooking has been her passion for many years. Aside from regular home cooking for family, she has hosted many Sunday dinners and numerous breakfasts for friends and families and has helped cater numerous functions. She has also provided vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes and desserts for functions at her church. Although currently vegan, she wasn’t always vegan, so she has first-hand experience with the transition. Before transitioning, she eliminated certain foods from her diet on her own. One catalyst for change was undergoing breast cancer treatment and researching how food can cause health problems. She made the full transition while going through the Vegan Living Program in 2015. She has been vegan since completing the program and has served as a coach with the Vegan Living Program for the past two years. Her goal is to change people’s views about vegan life, one plate at a time.

This workshop is being taught on Facebook Live at 4 PM. More details to come! 

Reiki 101

1 – 3 PM on Oct 11th on Zoom

Are you curious about the Japanese healing modality called Reiki? If so, the Intro to Reiki workshop is right for you! This workshop is for both those who have never heard of it before and for individuals who have a basic knowledge of it.

The workshop will discuss what Reiki is and how it can improve the quality of your life. We will also learn the concepts behind it, its history, benefits on the body, and self-treatment hand positions that you can do on yourself.

Taught by Issan “Omar” Ellis who is a Reiki Master Teacher and Ordained Minister who promotes the idea that everyone is worthy of healing and love. He is a firm believer in the benefits of a combination of modern medicine and holistic modalities. Born here in Baltimore City, he graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Baltimore. He has continued to grow and improve to help inspires those around him to never sacrifice what makes them unique.

Click here to register for the Zoom Reiki 101 workshop.

Seed Saving 101

3:30 PM on Oct 11th on YouTube Live

Intro to saving seeds for vegetables and flowers including how to know when plants have matured their seeds and when to harvest them, cross-pollination parameters, processing seed, how to dry and store seeds, the shelf life for various seeds, external resources…and more. Saving your own seeds can be a great way to deepen your understanding of the plants in your garden, foster biodiversity, and save cash!

Taught by Kei Ellerbrock from Cydonia Farm: a small farm in its first year in Olympia, Washington. Cydonia is an organic produce and flower farm working towards environmentally restorative agriculture. We love growing a selection and unique foods & flowers and hope to help diversify local market offerings. Our farm is lucky to have an heirloom seed exchange here in Olympia that helps expand this variety and has introduced us to dozens of new cultivars, and through this we have become avid seed savers.

This will go live at 3:30 PM on YouTube and Kei will be available for questions. You can view the video here.

Video Production 101

1-4 PM on Oct 11th via Zoom

Join Nick Baldwin for a live online lecture and Q&A on video production. Learn about the entire process of creating videos from pre-production to having a final viewable video.

Nick Baldwin is a freelance filmmaker and a Professor of Film/Video Production and Live Television Production at Harford and Howard Community Colleges.

Click here to register for the Zoom Video Production 101 workshop.

Tree Planting 101

12 – 1 PM on October 10th

Join Ted Martello from Tree Baltimore at this live workshop that will show you step by step the right way to plant a tree.

Tree Baltimore is a program that strives to increase the urban tree canopy through the establishment, management and preservation of trees.

To attend the workshop, go to Tree Baltimore’s Facebook page at 12 PM on October 10th.

Making Vegan Butter

This video will go live at 4:30 PM on Oct 11th

Have you ever wanted to make your own vegan butter? Now you can! Peg will show you how easy it is to make and explain why you’d want to make your own instead of buying it from the store. The recipe and a brief explanation of some of the less common ingredients can be downloaded here:

This workshop is will go live the day on Oct 11th at 4:30 PM. Click here to view the page/video.

Taught by Peg Nemoff. Don’t know Peg? Here’s her bio:

As a life-long do-it-yourselfer and 30-year vegan, I am always on the lookout for new ways to promote an ethical lifestyle. I moved to Baltimore from Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1984, presumably as a high school vocational education teacher. That vocation did not last for me. . . . .

In the late 1980s I started a recycling group in my Radnor-Winston Baltimore City neighborhood. We gathered materials in a van and took them to a recycling service in downtown Baltimore. Eventually the
City took notice of our neighborhood effort, took us on as a pilot project, and ultimately the City recycling program began.

In 2003 I began organizing Baltimore City all-volunteer trap-neuter-return clinics for feral cats. By 2007 we incorporated as a 501-C-3 as “Community Cats Maryland” and worked with the City of Baltimore to make Trap-Neuter-Return the City’s preferred (and legal way) to deal with feral cats. [Baltimore City Ordinance 07-583] You may be asking what recycling and feral cats, the environment, and animals, have to do with making
non-dairy butter? And why bother when there are so many choices already on the market? The answer is PALM OIL. Once you are made aware of it, you will notice it everywhere. Palm oil is incorporated into body soaps, detergents, makeup, and food. And as the name suggests, this oil is extracted from the palm tree, specifically and primarily from the Elaeis guineensis. Initially grown in western and southwestern Africa, palm oil trees have been imported throughout history and are currently major crops in Indonesia and Malaysia, equatorial countries that have cleared native vegetation for this high yield cash crop. And in clearing that native vegetation, so goes the biome for the three surviving species of orangutan. And that is why I am making my own palm-oil-free butter

Sand Art Terrarium

12 PM on Oct 11th

Make a Sand Art Terrarium with a live succulent. Heather will teach you how to create a unique layered terrarium and then plant a live succulent arrangement to enjoy long after the class is over. This workshop will cover necessary supplies, general types of plants and needs, containers options, and ways to decorate. 

Paint & Create with Heather is a mobile event business bringing creative projects to young & more advanced for social, imaginative fun! From painting on wood, canvas or ceramic, to planting live succulent terrariums, fabric crafts to floral arrangements, Heather loves to craft and create with anyone. To do more good, any project can be used as a fundraiser to support charity organizations and teams.  

 Make along or just watch & learn. 12 pm on Oct 11th on the Paint & Create Facebook page.

Additional workshops to be posted soon…like making vegan butter and sword fighting…stay tuned!