2019 DIY Fest

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Planting Succulents
12:15 PM in Tabling Room

Learn how to plant and care for succulents in unconventional containers such as teacups, coffee mugs, glass jars and more! Participants get a container and 1 free succulent, as well as decorative elements such as rocks, sand, and crystals. Come by and explore the healing elements of plant care and the art of bringing mother nature indoors!

Anna Kunnirickal is a freelance illustrator who’s been working with plants and people for 4 years, with a special interest in desert plants. You can find her plant arrangements and illustration work on Instagram, via @akunnirick

Jewelry Making

All-day Workshop in Tabling Room


This workshop will take place for the duration of the Fest (please note, it will take a short hiatus while Jessica teaches her Fossils Workshop!) at the Jewelry Making Station in the tabling room. Pick your favorite pendant, beads and then sit down with Jessica Oby to make your own necklace or bracelet. Some fees may apply depending on what you choose to create!

Jessica Oby is a DIY Fest regular. She has taught jewelry making for the entire ELEVEN YEARS that DIY Fest has existed. Jessica shares her time and knowledge with DIY Fest attendees so they can create their very own jewelry masterpieces.

Fermentation 101 – How to Make Pickles
12:15-1:45 PM Kitchen

Join Ali Moss for an introduction to fermented foods! Learn the basics of lactic acid fermentation: what are beneficial microbes and how can we collaborate with them to make deliciously-sour, digestion-promoting, preserved foods? After the introduction you’ll get to work as a group to slice, jar and brine pickles for future enjoyment. Each participant will get to take home their own jar of green tomato pickles (supply permitting – radishes may be used as a backup).

Ali Moss is a pickle-lover who received her formal training from the visionaries at Hex Ferments. She is currently an apprentice herbalist, student of microbial ecology at Towson University, and member of the Heart & Soil collective. She believes that the natural world provides essential tools for liberation from those systems that do not serve us and that ecology-based agriculture is key to stabilizing our food supply as the global climate changes.

Intro to Cosplay/Costume Design – Creating armor/props out of foam!

12:15-2:15 PM Stage – Eventbrite Registration Required


Have you ever seen the really awesome costumes that people make to wear at cons, for Halloween or just for fun? Ever wanted to try making your own? Join Sayakat Cosplay for an intro to costume armor design using EVA foam. By the end of this workshop, you’ll have made your very own armor piece to take home and an understanding of how you can use foam to create your own armor and props. This workshop requires you to sign up through Eventbrite and will be limited to 10 participants.

Sayakat Cosplay is a Baltimore based cosplayer who has made her own costumes and props for over a decade. She also has experience in teaching cosplay design workshops, judging cosplay contests and leading panels. Follow her on Instagram or like her page on Facebook to see all her STUNNING costumes!

Love, Learning and Literacy: Navigating education with young children
12:30-1:30 PM Sunday Room

Iris Kirsch has taught High School English in Baltimore City since 2006. Ten years later, she became a mom, and started seeing education from a different angle. Now, based on research for her Masters degree as well as research for her own family, she has put together a workshop for other parents to help everyone navigate the murky waters of early childhood learning, both at home and in schools and daycares. Please come share your experiences as a parent or teacher as well! Children of all ages are welcome to attend.

How to Quit Sugar & Feel Amazing

12:30-1:30 PM South Side Alley

Have you ever thought about how harmful sugar is to your body? Yes, it tastes good and its in so many of those treats that we reach for but, if you only knew the harm you were doing to your body you may think twice before consuming so much of it! This workshop will help you understand the effects that sugar has on your digestion, brain and even your hormones.

Crystal Forman, MPH, MHA is a passionate health, fitness and wellness educator with over 20 years of experience in health education and wellness. She is a chef and holistic wellness and health educator and coach. She hosts wellness workshops and cooking classes throughout Maryland, D.C., Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Using a plant-based approach, she focuses on disease prevention education, chronic conditions management, and health & wellness outreach programs. Crystal loves being in nature and growing and foraging for food. She also holds space for meditation at the Impact Hub Baltimore and she does outdoor meditation during the Spring and Summer.

CBD 101
1:30 PM and 4:30 PM in the Tabling Area

Explore the benefits of CBD and learn how to incorporate it into your cooking.
Learn the science of how your endocannabinoid system works, the history of cannabis cooking, how to choose strains, the decarboxylation and extraction processes , proper dosing and more!

Victoria Fishman is the owner of Baked Baker. She has a love for baking and incorporating CBD products into her baked goods. Her baking kits allow you to make your own medibles (medicinal edibles!) that will provide you with therapy, both physically and mentally!


Journaling 101 

1:45-2:15 PM Sunday Room

Learn the importance of journaling from DAntoinette who has been journaling since she was ten years old! Journaling is a safe way to release your emotions and is great for your overall mental health. Learn about the different types of journaling and the best way to incorporate it into your everyday life.

D. Antoinette‘s mission is to show people that journaling is not overwhelming, but powerful and fun. She started journaling by writing down her prayers which lead to her writing poetry, short stories, and a novel. She has since published a line of journals to help encourage others to journal as well. She has spoken at various locations throughout Baltimore.

T-Shirt Magic!

2-3 PM South Side Alley


Have t-shirts laying around that you no longer wear? Bring your own unisex t-shirt (adult small-XL) to this workshop and turn it into a tote bag, reusable straw carrier & fork/spoon cover all from one shirt! It’s magic! Erin will demonstrate the technique and then help you create your own.

Erin Cassell is the owner of Roll Up N Dye, a tie-dye company that started in her garage in 2011. Since then, she’s opened her own space in Columbia and has expanded to teaching workshops and promoting sustainable activities like trash pickups.

Nutritional Benefits of Juicing

2:15-3:15 PM Kitchen


Join Juan Nance from Healthy People Juice to learn about the health benefits of juicing and the relationship between food and human behavior. This workshop will break down the components of being healthy in a way that’s easy to understand to allow you to incorporate new habits into your everyday lifestyle. Learn about the different types of juicers that are available and the best way to incorporate juicing into your everyday life. Two juices will be made during the workshop which you will have a chance to sample!

Healthy People Juice is a Baltimore based company whose mission is to the better the health of our community with their products. They love serving the community and providing the highest quality of health that you can get from a bottle. They also regularly employ Baltimore’s youth to help create their awesome juice products!

Rockhounding 101 – How to find cool fossils and gemstones

2:45-3:45 PM Sunday Room


Check out a presentation given by Jess Oby, an amateur paleontologist who’s been pocketing pebbles since she was a kindergartner. The workshop focuses on geological locations in the Eastern U.S., and will include information on how and where to find your own fancy rocks.NOTE: The focus of this workshop is heavy on the fossils, less so on the gems.

Jess Oby is a self-taught naturalist who loves to hike and explore in Maryland. She has a passion for geology, mycology, herpetology, entomology, art, beads, mental health awareness, and education. Jess has participated in Baltimore’s D.I.Y. Fest for all 12 years. Come say hello at the jewelry making table and make yourself some bling.

Loose Tea Blends 101 

3:15-3:45 PM Tabling Area


So you want to take the next step in your love of tea and make your own tea blends – congrats! Tea is a superfood filled with vitamins and antioxidants that can be used as a health remedy in addition to drinking it for enjoyment. This workshop will give you the basics behind blending your own teas to create one that is personalized to your tastes and needs.

Hassanah Almuid, owner of Samun Tea Shop, started creating teas with her grandmother who was an avid tea drinker. Her grandmother had tea blends for everything from stomach aches to colds. Hassanah now blends her own teas and shares them with the world on her website and at local events like the Baltimore Farmer’s Markets.

Finding Inspiration for Your Creative Writing

3:30-4:30 PM South Side Alley


Need help finding (or re-discovering) inspiration for your creative writing? Learn how to find and organize inspiring texts, art, and experiences into strong and penetrating creative writing. This workshop will also discuss ways to save, document and layout your thoughts and feelings to successfully complete a piece of writing.

Jordannah Elizabeth is a journalist, commentator, lecturer,  author and founder of the literary organization and independent small press, Publik / Private (publikprivate.org). Jordannah is the author of an anthology of 40 of her articles entitled, “Don’t Lose Track Vol 1: 40 Articles, Essays and Q&As published by UK based publisher Zero Books” and the existential chapbook series, “The Warmest Low” published by Publik / Private Small Press.


4-6 PM Stage


Learn about the history, significance, and the how-to of making zines. Zines are a powerful artistic tool to spread ideas and fuel social movement. They also help to empower individuals by presenting a form of expression that will enable them to share their voices. Participants will make a mini-zine using collage materials about a topic of their choice. This workshop will be a fairly laid-back setting allowing you to work creatively and explore new ideas.

Taught by Beast Grrl Collective, a youth-run feminist organization interested in promoting youth empowerment, feminist education, and art activism. They publish zines, organize service projects, and host events around Baltimore City.

Vegan Soup Making

4:30-6 PM Kitchen


Get ready for the cooler months with this awesome workshop all about making vegan soups. Learn how to make vegan soup from scratch. There are plenty of popular soup and stew recipes that you can learn how to makeover so that they are vegan-friendly! Making large soup batches and freezing some of the batch is a great way to get yourself through the winter. Come find out more!

Dovetta Taylor is a Baltimore transplant, originally from Delaware. Although currently working as a school bus attendant, she has 23 years of food service experience. By looking at her library, you can tell that cooking has been her passion for many years. Aside from regular home cooking for family, she has hosted many Sunday dinners and numerous breakfasts for friends and families and has helped cater numerous functions. She has also provided vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes and desserts for functions at her church. Although currently vegan, she wasn’t always vegan, so she has first-hand experience with the transition. Before transitioning, she eliminated certain foods from her diet on her own. One catalyst for change was undergoing breast cancer treatment and researching how food can cause health problems. She made the full transition while going through the Vegan Living Program in 2015. She has been vegan since completing the program and has served as a coach with the Vegan Living Program for the past two years. Her goal is to change people’s views about vegan life, one plate at a time.

DISwrite: DIY Professional Publishing 
4:30-5:30 PM Sunday Room 

So you have finally put your nose to the grindstone and completed your manuscript… but now what? What are the options for enterprising authors, poets, playwrights, or essayists? What steps can you take to optimize your approach when submitting to major publishers? What can you do to find a good fit in the independent/small-press publishing world? What can you do to take the reins of your own release and self-publish? What roadblocks can you expect? Does a social media presence matter? Do you really know what your own work is ultimately about, and who it appeals to?

Keith Backhaus is a Baltimore author that melds genre work with an anarcho-punk aesthetic. His first novel, A Still Pool was published as part of a collaborative release entitled Axiom Radnor: Year One by Empty City Press; his existential fantasy novels, A Fitting Epilogue and I, Dagger are also available through Empty City Press (2014 & 2016 respectively). His most recent novel Empire of Ghosts Vol. 1 (Precursors) is slated for release in summer 2019. He acted as the guest editor for the 2015 release of the Empty City Press journal The Grey Alley Volume 1 and the 2017 release of The Grey Alley Volume 2. He currently plays in the psych-punk band Homuncumulus.

All About Chickens!
4:45-5:30 PM South Side Alley

If you’ve been thinking of adding chickens to your backyard – this is the workshop for you! Learn all about keeping chickens in your backyard. Did you know that each breed is unique? Mindy will provide detailed information about the different breeds so you’ll know which one is right you. You’ll also learn basic care information and how to properly set up a chicken coop so your chickens stay happy and healthy!

Taught by Mindy FitzGerald, a retired death investigator that just relocated to a small farm in Pennsylvania. Mindy is working toward being as self-sufficient as possible and is currently attending veterinary forensics courses online. She is also tabling this year’s Fest – check out her website here: Hunter & Harvest.


Beast Grrl Collective – a youth-run feminist organization interested in promoting youth empowerment, feminist education, and art activism. They publish zines, organize service projects, and host events around Baltimore City. They are also teaching the Zine Workshop!

Dog’s Breakfast – A zine that seeks to connect artists, activists, creators, cultivators regardless of experience, accolades, etc. compile their work and present it to whoever is watching. They feel that everyone has a voice, a medium, a story, and they want to hear it!

Pauli M. Kohberger – Handmade books, pins and sketchbooks.

Nun Comix – Zines, comics & handmade patches. They can also make custom watercolor paintings from pics of your pet!

Empty City Press – Baltimore based publishing company that is working to cultivate and circulate the work of talented writers. They are dedicated to literature that challenges and responds to the culture that surrounds it. Keith from Empty City Press will also be teaching the DIY Professional Publishing workshop!

Second Guess Stitches – Snarky/queer/nerdy/feministy embroidery and cross stitch! Check out her awesome work on IG.

SeongEun Macfarlane – Zines, stickers & pins.

Fake Crab Records – Baltimore based analog record label.

The Undercroft – Local Baltimore community arts center that is focused on providing a safe, all ages and accessible space for artists, Remington residents and working families.

Thinking in Full Color – An award-winning organization that empowers women of color through education and the arts. Through their programming, they empower woman-identified creators while educating audiences about the need for diversity in the media, racial issues and cultural exchange. They create opportunities for women of color in theater, visual art, comedy, music, dance, and other media. TIFC is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. For more information, visit http://www.ThinkingInFullColor.com

Ipsy Bipsy Studio – An independent risograph print studio in Rockville that offers special deals on producing 1-sheet ‘ready-to-print’ zines formatted using templates. They also create custom cards, flyers, posters, invitations and more!

Pamela Zhang – Pamela is a painter and illustrator. She will be selling her  polymer clay crafts, ceramics, and artwork (prints and originals).

Hunter & Harvest – Herbal salves, sprays, jewelry, crystals, and more! Mindy will also be teaching the chicken workshop!!

Girls on Film – Girls, on Film is a quarterly zine hopelessly devoted to 80s movies. For each issue, they pick a theme and then write about 8 movies released between 1980-89 that fit that theme. Their published issues cover movies about music, sports, Summer, food, and work.

Junk! Magazine is a zine created by Lukas Armstrong-Laird mostly because one day he was bored and his mom was about to get rid of a large stack of old magazines. The zine features his completely analog collage art, as well as some haikus he makes his roommate write for each issue. Philosophically, Junk! Magazine promotes the idea that all art, in some way or another, is made from other art.

Whole Woman’s Health – A patient-centered healthcare practice, where the focus is on the whole woman — her head, her heart, and her body. We believe all healthcare, especially gynecological and abortion services, can better serve our community with a holistic approach, rooted in community values of trust and respect. They will have free Plan B available at their table.

Moongirl Paperworks – Run by a local Baltimore artist who creates unique handmade paper crafts by reusing and recycling, books, calendars, album covers, maps and all kinds of found paper.

PK Kim – is a multi-disciplinary trans artist from Baltimore primarily focusing on experimental music/sound design and character-heavy illustration, with additional experience in graphic design, film photography, film, and video-game design.

Sybil Press – A small print press, based in Baltimore and San Antonio, specializing in hand made print products: artist books, works of theory, philosophy, zines, prints, and other experimental printed subject matter. They’ll have zines, artist books and limited edition prints.

Kurenai Kiba – Baltimore cosplayer, self-published writer, and illustrator all of which have been done through her self-titled company! She has been a featured artist in interviews, podcasts, and east coast conventions as well as participated in panel discussions focusing on diversity, cosplay, and art. She will have prints, coloring books, comic book flower crowns, hat-shaped hair bows, and themed kanzashi flower hair bows.

InSideOut Fashion and Wholeness – Herbal healing creations, punky clothes, and calendars.

SamunTea Shop – Local tea shop! They are also teaching a tea blending workshop at 3:15 PM!

Presto and Fin’s Art and Design – A Baltimore-based trans and queer-owned business owned by two best friends who make buttons together and prioritize humor, LGBTQ+ representation, and inclusivity.

Black Radish Handmade – A native of the D.C. area, Annie’s interest in fiber arts started at a young age when she learned how to knit. As Black Radish Handmade she now spins yarn, knits, weaves and hand-dyes yarn, accessories and garments out of her home studio in Baltimore, Maryland.