Previous Festivals

Here are a few highlights from past DIY Fests:

12th Annual DIY Fest – October 12, 2019

Planting Succulents
Taught by Anna Kunnirickal

Fermentation 101
How to Make Pickles – Taught by Ali Moss

Intro to Cosplay/Costume Design – Creating armor/props out of foam!
Taught by Sayakat Cosplay is a Baltimore based cosplayer who has made her own costumes and props for over a decade.

Love, Learning and Literacy: Navigating education with young children
Join Iris Kirsch, a Baltimore City High School English teacher and mom of two to learn how to navigate the murky waters of early childhood learning. Come share your experiences as a parent or teacher. Children of all ages are welcome to attend!

How to Quit Sugar & Feel Amazing
This workshop will help you understand the effects that sugar has on your digestion, brain and even your hormones. Taught by Crystal Forman, a local health and wellness educator.

Journaling 101
Learn the importance of journaling from D. Antoinette who has been journaling since she was ten years old! This her second year teaching at DIY Fest!

T-Shirt Magic!
Have t-shirts laying around that you no longer wear? Bring your own unisex t-shirt (adult small-XL) to this workshop and turn it into a tote bag, reusable straw carrier & fork/spoon cover all from one shirt! – Taught by Erin Cassell of Roll Up N Dye

Rockhounding 101
How to find cool fossils and gemstones
Taught by Jess Oby

Loose Tea Blends 101
Learn to make your own tea blends! Taught by Hassanah Almuid, owner of the local Baltimore tea shop – SamunTea Shop

Finding Inspiration for Your Creative Writing
Find (or re-discover) inspiration for your creative writing. Taught by Jordannah Elizabeth founder of the literary organization and independent small press, Publik / Private.

Learn about the history of Zines and make your own!
Taught by Beast Grrl Collective

Vegan Soup Making
Get ready for the winter months with these great vegan soup recipes!
Taught by Dovetta Taylor a local coach for the Vegan Living Program. This is her third time teaching at DIY Fest!

DISwrite: DIY Professional Publishing
Taught by Keith Backhaus of Empty City Press

All About Chickens!
Find out what you need to do in order to have chickens in your own backyard.
Taught by Mindy Fitzgerald

Explore the benefits of CBD and learn how to incorporate it into your cooking.
Taught by Baked Baker Boxes

Jewelry Making
All Day in the Tabling Room!
Taught by Jess Oby (who has taught this workshop for all 11 years that DIY Fest has taken place!)

diy-fest-2019-apply-outlined-1.jpg .  DIY 2019.jpg

11th Annual DIY Fest – October 6, 2018

Intro to Vegan Alternative Food Products – taught by Dovetta Taylor
Jewelry Making – taught by Jessica Oby
Cigar Box Guitars – taught by Dar Stellabotta
Raising Silkworms & Reeling Silk – taught by Dan DeVries
DIY Love Letters & Thank You Notes – taught by Jordannah Elizabeth
Journaling 101 – taught by D. Antoinette
DIY Tabletop Games – taught by Stephen Thomas
Do It Yourself Motivation – taught by Gina Brown
Zine Making – taught by Erica Federhen from ipsy bipsy studio
DIY Professional Political Advocacy – taught by Brian Bittner
Meditation Bracelets – taught by Javier Gonzalez
Changing Your Name/Gender with the State – taught by Chrys Desir from Free State Justice
Herbal Remedies for Winter Wellness – taught by Aylén Maquehue
Daily Affirmations, Rock Painting & Doula Discussion – taught by Ren the Doula

10th Annual DIY Fest – September 2, 2017

Make Your Own Tarot Cards – taught by Lily Sage
Plant Propogation – taught by Jen Doll
All About Bitter Herbs – taught by Aylén Maquehue
Fermenting 101 – taught by Ali Moss
Make Your Own Zine – taught by A. Jarrell Hayes
Vegan Cooking Demo – taught by Dovetta Taylor
Potted Fruit Tree Care – taught by Kevin Antoszewski of the Civic Works Baltimore Orchard Project
DIY Academia: How to Become an Independent Scholar – taught by Jordannah Elizabeth
Acrylic Selfie Portrait Painting – taught by Katia Baskina 
Bicycle Tire Repair – taught by Baltimore Bicycle Works
Fire Starting & Cordage – taught by Dan DeVries
Jewelry Making – taught by Jessica Oby

9th Annual DIY Fest – September 3, 2016

Grow Your Own Mushrooms – taught by Samantha from The Mushroomworks
Plant Remedies & Plant Based Remedies for Wellness – taught by Aylén Maquehue and Jen Doll
Create Your Own Makeup – taught by Monave
DIY Journalism: Learn to Create Powerful Articles & Essays – taught by Jordannah, founder of
Things That Go Bump In The Night: Weird Sh*t 101 (Cryptids 101) – taught by Julia Eff
Healthy Eating on a Budget with Plant Based Cooking Demo – taught by Crystal Forman
Zine Making – taught by Beast Grrl Collective
DIY Gaming – taught by Stephen Thomas
Henna Arts & Crafts – taught by Sadia Ahmed
Make Your Own Repeating Patterns – taught by Steph Stilwell
Using Kitchen Scraps to Create Your Own Dyes – taught by Wax & Wane Fiber
Jam Making – taught by Carma Halterman of Flourchild Preserves & Carma’s Cafe
Traditional Cider & Mead Workshop – taught by Millstone Cellars
Dog Training Using Positive Reinforcement – taught by Eileen Gillan
Screen Printing 101 – taught by Pangea Printing

8th Annual DIY Fest – October 17, 2015

Kitchen Beauty – taught by Oyin Handmade
DIY Eating Disorder Awareness – taught by Ren Ostrofsky
All About Henna – taught by Aayesha Aijaz of The Henna Life
Knitting Workshop – taught by Conley
Natural Dyes & Japanese Shibori – taught by Wax & Wane Fibers
Japanese Stab Binding – taught by Sybil Press
Backyard Beekeeping – taught by Claire Jones of The Garden Diaries
All About Ayurveda & Yoga Workshop – taught by Sandra Nicht
Women’s Health & Birth Control – taught by Stephanie Estes, a local nurse
Candle Making – taught by Knits, Soy & Metal
Jam Making – taught by Carma Halterman of Carma’s Cafe & owner of Flourchild Preserves
Dog Body Languages, Nutrition & More – taught by Charlotte Boyer of Sitting Pretty Dog Training
Self Defense – taught by Stephen Hung who teaches self defense workshops at the Baltimore Free Farm


7th Annual DIY Fest – September 20, 2014

Kombucha Making – taught by preZerve
Wire Wrapping – taught by Beadazzled
Self Defense
Yarnbombing – taught by Baltimore Thread Quarters
Self Cleansing and Body Care
Integrated Pest Management & Companion Planting
Guitar Set Up Workshop – taught by Old Town Lutherie
Opioid Overdose Training
Canning 102
Hydrogen-Gasoline Hybrid Automobiles


6th Annual DIY Fest – September 15, 2012

Food Canning 101
Basic Dog Training
Vegan Cooking
Amateur Radio
Jewelry Making
Fresh Water Fishing
Tool Sharpening
Kitchen Medicine
Zines Workshop
Stenciling Demos
On-Site DIY Bicycle Adjustments (Bearings Bike Project)
Heavy Metal Hot Dog Cart
Kidz City! With kid friendly events throughout the fest!

6th Annual DIY Fest

5th Annual DIY Fest – September 17, 2011

Urban Foraging
Flat Tire Repair (Taught by Baltimore Bicycle Works)
Wild Fermentation
Natural Cleaning Products
Jewelry Making
Protect Yourself Online
Composting 101 (Baltimore Free Farm)
Urban Livestock
Kitchen Medicine
Book Binding
Zines Workshop
The Simplest Way to Brew
Kidz City hosted children activities throughout the day

 5th Annual DIY Fest

4th Annual DIY Fest – October 24, 2010

Homebrewing (Taught by Maryland Homebrew)
Urban Foraging
Flat Tire Repair (Taught by Baltimore Bicycle Works)
Baby Dooty! (Infant care workshop)
Recycling Yarn
Urban Composting (Baltimore Free Farm)
Cordage, Flint Knapping, Fire by Friction (Taught by Ancestral Knowledge)
Zines & the Art of Self Publishing
Pumpkin Carving/Painting
Intro to Screen Printing
Alternative Business Models Panel (Panelists discussed successful alternative business models. Panelists included members from Red Emmas, Fuzion Partnerships and Baltimore Bicycle Works)

4th Annual DIY Fest

3rd Annual DIY Fest – May 9th, 2009

Intro to Yoga
Paper Engineering (Intro to Pop Up Cards)
Small Animal Skinning
Small Space Gardening
Basic Home Repair
How to Write a Resume
Non-Mainstream Menstrual Health
Bicycle Repair
Computer Security

We use to screen print our fliers on brown grocery bags when we had access to a screen printing shop!

We use to screen print our fliers on brown grocery bags when we had access to a screen printing shop!

2nd Annual DIY Fest – June 14, 2008

MIDI Instruments
Knife Making
Car Maintenance
Pet Healthcare
Guitar Repair
Making your Own Courier Bag
Drywall Repair
Bike Repair
Computer Maintenance

2nd Annual DIY Fest

THE 1ST DIY Fest– we’ve come a long way!!

Health Workshop
Recording Music
Screen Printing
Organizing a Show Space
Brew Your Own Beer

We use to screen print our fliers on brown grocery bags when we had access to a screen printing shop!

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