Interested in tabling your wares at DIY Fest? Want to hang out with like minded people while showing off your hobbies?

In previous years, we have had people sell everything from soaps and jewelry to records and handmade instruments. You don’t have to sell anything – you can set up a gaming table (it’s happened before…), an information booth or even a table to share your hobbies with DIY Fest attendees.

A tabling fee in the amount of $40 is required in order to table DIY Fest. The money all goes towards paying 2640 for allowing us to use their space on a strictly donation based means of payment. Due to space constraints we will require this fee up front once your tabling application has been approved.

If you would like to teach a workshop in addition to tabling or your table has interactive activities for attendees the tabling fee will be reduced to $30!

Fill out the tabling request below or send us an email with questions!


2 thoughts on “Vendors/Tabling”

  1. Daneen King said:

    I want to inform you that your ending message shows the wrong year. The event is for 2014 and it sends back this ending message (Thanks for your interest in DIYFest 2013!!!)

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