Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare During Covid-19

This video goes live on October 10th at 11 AM!

All about sexual and reproductive healthcare as it relates to the Covid-19 pandemic. Questions such as the following and more will be addressed at this workshop:

Have you or someone you know sought abortion care and sexual health services in the midst of a global pandemic?
What effect does covid have on services for pregnant people?
How have services and accessibility decreased?
What impact has this had emotionally and physically for people seeking care?
What communities are affected the most?
What alternative options exist for people seeking contraceptive measures, sexual health screenings, prenatal and termination services, and psychological health access?
What barriers exist even more so now because of covid?
How can people afford the care they need?
What can we do within our communities to provide alternative options for those seeking reproductive and sexual health services?

Whole Woman’s Health is a patient-centered healthcare practice, where the focus is on the whole woman — her head, her heart, and her body. They believe all healthcare, especially gynecological and abortion services, can better serve our community with a holistic approach, rooted in community values of trust and respect. 

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